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Nosy Be Hotel & Spa is not only a Resort in Nosy Be, but a tropical paradise.

Nosy Be Hotel & Spa is a four-star resort with quiet and peaceful access to the beach, located in the Nosy Be archipelago. It is attentive to the environment thanks to a thoughtful design that respects the Malagasy heritage.

It was designed in 1992 and completed in 1993.


The concept was to create a magical and authentic place to design an immersive experience in a natural tropical environment.

Tonga soa

The tropical nature and fauna of the island make Nosy Be fascinating. A stay at Nosy Be Hotel & Spa Ressort promises unforgettable memories

The garden

Over the years the housekeeper has personally taken care of the garden. Each flower, plant or fruit tree has been planted according to its wishes.

The beach

Located opposite the islet of Nosy Tanga, Nosy Be Hotel & Spa Ressort is the ideal place to see some of the most spectacular sunsets.

The Nosy Be Hotel team is waiting for you!
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