Alta Marea

Our chefs offer a menu with European and Malagasy dishes, creatively combining traditional dishes and contemporary culinary techniques. 

Fresh fruit, spices and our sumptuous meats and seafood come directly from local producers.

Beach Dinner

Enjoy an incredible dinner on the beach and under the stars.


The barbecue dinner will take place on the beach, which during the evening is set up as a banana plantation and will give you the pleasure of feeling the fine sand under your bare feet while letting yourself be rocked by the soft sound of the waves.

Il Tramonto

At the bar our priority is quality.

We take a simple approach to cocktails, fresh ingredients, top-of-the-range spirits and real hospitality.

The tropical garden is full of natural ingredients, which combine the quality and passion of our cocktails.


The lounge is built directly on the beach, giving you the pleasure of feeling the sand under your feet.


It is the perfect place to relax and have a drink while contemplating a breathtaking sunset.

Hazovola means rosewood in Malagasy, this wood is considered as one of the most precious woods in the world.

Comfortable sofa, gigantic trees supporting the roof and breathtaking sunset the lounge will provide you with all the elements you have come for.

Phone :

+261 20 86 06 151

+261 34 06 771 87/89

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