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Our rooms

Our rooms

The hotel's rooms reflect the island's natural and serene beauty. Each room has a discreet sense of luxury, combining contemporary and Malagasy decor, with exotic fabrics and spectacular bathrooms


Created as a resting place to relax and enjoy your time. It exudes Malagasy elegance through the use of wood and local craftsmanship.


Designed to demonstrate the generosity of Malagasy nature. The use of rosewood brings a feeling of exoticism and comfort with a selection of colorful palettes. The Loft can be equipped with an additional bed if necessary.


Shaped as a relaxing base with high importance given to the elegance of the design. The creative use of raw wood and the spacious bathroom provide the feeling of luxury.


Two separate rooms that breathe the contemporary Malagasy elegance. Decorated with only high-quality materials to make your family time memorable.

Palm Suite

Tastefully decorated and designed to convey a sense of a refined tropical lifestyle. Contemporary wooden furniture made by local craftsmen distinguishes the bedroom.

Oiseaux du Paradis Suite

Reflecting the natural and serene beauty of the island. Each suite has a discreet sense of luxury, combining contemporary and Malagasy decor, with Malagasy furniture, exotic fabrics, gigantic terraces and spectacular bathrooms.

Sakalava Suite

The pearl of Nosy Be Hotel & Spa****. All the equipment and materials in the room have been chosen for their quality. The room has a sense of luxury, combining gigantic spaces, Malagasy decor and exotic fabrics, the staircase entirely made of wood will give you a touch of Malagasy elegance. On the second floor, the balcony of the room offers a  sea view that will allow you to enjoy the sunset every night during your stay.

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